Can I lose weight without exercising?


Someone asked me:

I’ve got no time to exercise, so I’ve been trying to change what I eat. I’m trying to cut out bread but I always end up eating a load when I get home from my night shift. What can I do to loose weight without doing some sacrifices?

What are your thoughts?

Loosing weight is really a slow lifestyle change! if you are young some people can loose weight without exercise. You really do not have to totally give up any food. You must each only small amounts of high fat, high sugar and processed foods. Exercise makes loosing weight a lot easier because you burn more calories. I don`t know what it is about night shift that made me want to eat all the time! I suggest starting with greatly lowering your sugar intake. I mean simple sugars like candy, cake and sodas. Don`t load up on high fat foods or processed foods. No more than one soda of any kind a day. Give yourself some time to do step 1. These are my step.
  1) Greatly lower your sugar intake and no more than 1 soda a day.
  2) Stop eating processed foods like hotdogs, any canned meats, and food like processed ham for sandwiches. 
  3) If you can do these 2 steps you will have already cut out a lot of fat and calories. Now work on cutting out high fat foods like fried food.
So sorry some sacrifices will be made. However, you can eat these foods (not daily) in small amounts. Real cheese is OK in small servings. One easy exercise are pedals that are only pedals (like a bicycle) you can do with your feet. My mother did those to help her PVD when she was over 60. This whole process can take a while! Do not weigh yourself more than once a week. Read labels. You need bread in moderation but put some deli turkey inside the bread. High protein diets do not work! Don`t buy food for your house like donuts, potato chips or candy. 

I hope that helps.


Its is proportional to living without oxygen :grimacing:


Well, I guess yes but if you are already of shape and there is some stubborn unsaturated fat layer on your body then you must need to do exercise, to cut them off.

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