Best nursing job ever!


t’s important to me in that it’s what I’m trained to do and I need to, you know, make money to pay bills but if I could find someone to pay me $89K a year to travel the world, I’d take them up on that offer in a heartbeat :grinning: By the way I I got a intensive courses ,can read the article about it its save me a lot of time , now I m triage nurse


All of you guys do a wonderful job in caring for patients. Thank you for all that you do!


Great story. I like it very much. And I feel happy when I hear that there exist people who devote their time and endeavors to the patients. I like to hear that they follow their vocation. I do the same. I think that’s the best job. And I am happy to help other and to be a nurse.


I love being a nurse. I am from inside when I help people when they are in pain and once I help they thank and praise me which makes me motivated and feel like that I have contributed something good to the humanity and society.

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