Barriers in Nursing


One of the most difficult things to become accustomed to when working as a forensic nurse in a prison setting is the importance of NOT using touch when working with offenders…when you’ve been a nurse as long as I have…42 yrs… taught nursing as long as I have…20 plus yrs…and therapeutic touch was always so important…restraining the urge to touch one who is in pain, whether emotional pain or in physical pain…well, gives one an odd feeling…goes against the natural nursing empathy that we hold so dear in our holistic approach to conveying care and concern. It is important as a MH nurse to set and maintain appropriate limits…especially in prison, where staff can lose their jobs if ever accused of inappropriate touch, which can be considered harassment/assault, or if ever there is perceived "inappropriate dealings’…laws are so very stringent when it comes to protecting “rights of others” including staff/staff, staff/patients, etc.

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