Are Face Piercings at Work Acceptable?


I sometimes see a nurse or doc with a nose ring or tongue ring. I personally find that it takes away from the professional look we are supposed to have at work.

The other day, I was shocked to see a nurse midwife with a facial piercing above her upper lip. Is this becoming more common or is it just at my hospital? How do you feel about facial piercings in a health care setting?


I don’t want people commenting on my tattoos, so I don’t comment on facial piercings. Culturally, things are changing. There was a time when tattoos were taboo, but now even grandmothers get them, I wish work organizations would catch up


I don’t think that a nurse with a nose ring, or any other facial piercing, is any more or less clean than other nurses that don’t have those. As long as they’re making sure to be sterile, and do their job well, what’s the problem?

Same with tattoos, @5150central


I personally have no issues with piercings. However, I think the “gauged” look (the gaping holes) can be a little worrisome in the medical field. I only say that because I see those as another opening for infections, I could be wrong, just my opinion. I have tattoos (none visible at this time but I’m sure I will have some at some point). I completely agree that appearance doesn’t make the nurse, the skills do.


About 2 or 3 years ago my Hospital said "no"to any facial piercings or tattoos that show. it was a great step backwards. The area I live in is known for being liberal and piercing`s and tattoos are very common. I see nothing wrong with either.


Facial piercing doesn’t appear to look professional to me. Especially the big ones. Some patients may feel uneasy


Personally I don’t feel piercings or tattoos take away from our professionalism but I live in a very conservative area and it does seem that there are some that think that it does. I thin it depends on the facility and the area you live in.


I find facial piercings offensive not professional at all and should not be allowed


I don’t care to see facial piercings by my medical professionals. I’m a little old school I guess.
In my office (I’m an N.P.), we have casual Fridays. The staff wears jeans, some wear sweatshirts and very casual clothes-I don’t think that looks professional either but that decision was not my call!


I am also older and a bit more conservative. Some are okay if not excessive. But then I don’t like purple or blue hair either.


Hide your tattoos also…


Wow, what a topic!!! Personally, I have 4 tattoos but they are on my ankles and not visible with scrubs. I’ve worked with a few staff who have had tongue piercings or the small diamond piercing in their nose. And while I have no problem with any of that in your personal life, I think that patient’s deserve more respect than a caregiver all tattooed and pierced. Most patient’s are older, or from various cultures and may not understand the whole concept of “self expression”. They might find it offensive during a time that is already stressful and scary for them.


Hi, I have 5 tattoos and the one on my arm are noticeable and i had comments on them by clients that I take care of and they seem to like them but never had one to say that it should not be their so I thank them and continue to do my duties love my clients and their families!


I personally feel uncomfortable with facial piercings and to a slightly lesser extent, tattoos in a professional setting. I would not decline to hire someone d/t piercings or tattoos but I would let them know that, in the medical setting only flat studs are acceptable - I’ve seen too many patients get agitated, confused, or angry and pull them and cause injury to a nurse or aide.


We are professionals, we are to act and dress professional, hardware on your face to me is unprofessional and shouldn’t be allowed. I don’t care about tattoos, as long as they are covered while at work.


Face piercing at work are very unprofessionsal. Nurses have lost their professional image with the change from uniforms to scrubs already. Is it only the young group that nurses are attempting to win over?


Facial piercings can make people uneasy. I am 56 and entered the field of nursing when we were “taking off out hats.” That also make people uneasy. It can be hard to be open to cultural shift.
Be kind-don’t judge. Moderation.


While I personally have no tattoos or piercings , having either of these does not make the person any different than any other professional. I agree that times are changing and this is a more acceptable individualization than that in the past. Each of these professionals still had to get a degree , therefore they attended a college to obtain that degree-therefore they are credentialed in whatever their profession is. My personal opinion is that I would want myself or my family to be taken care of by someone who knows what they are doing vs my caring what they look like. If you do not like the “look” of those taking care of you -change where you receive care, otherwise open your mind and understand that everyone looks different. It may be a way they dress, wear their hair , cultural wardrobe or a tattoo or piercing .


This like any other dress code in the work place is a gray area, if u let people have facial piercings than how for does it go and how many, n I know that there r pts that r uncomfortable with it, n if u let 1 u have to let all n it has to be written out specifically or u could have the extremist that has slung down with sleeves of tats n 10 facial piercings. I’m extremely open minded, but I wouldn’t want to see that first thing out of unconscious sedition!!!


I think that facial piercings are very unprofessional. If you work with Geriatric residents that tend to view all these piercings as someone that is irresponsible with no work ethics. We have to view the generation that we are working with and respect their views. If any of my employees have facial piercings they must remove them before coming to work out of respect for our residents and to have a more professional appearance.

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