ADVICE NEEDED! Nursing Hacks, Pro Tips & Pearls of Wisdom!


Hello! I am a RN department educator on a med/surg unit at a rural, critical access hospital. Along with my fellow educator, we are compiling a list of “Nursing Tips and Tricks” so share with our handful of newly graduated RNs as well as with our more experienced nursing staff (including CNAs)… AND WE NEED YOUR HELP!

We’d love to pick your brains and allow you to share any tips, tricks, hacks, or pearls of wisdom that you have stored in your brains from years of experience! Of particular interest are those little time savers (but no bad habits please!) or things you can do to make your life as a nurse easier in general but we’d also love to hear any tips you have related to life and/or work as a nurse!

Thanks for considering!


So far the best advice I found most helpful was: you’re only one set of hands and feet. do one thing at a time.

I am still learning to not get stressed over situations where I am overwhelmed; keep a wellness planner

No matter what, at the end of my shift, I clock out, go home, get to shower and sleep in my own bed, eat what/when I want, and cuddle my loved ones. They don’t. So in my book, they get a pass.

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