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I have been a Nurse for 25 yrs and even though I feel like banging my head against the wall sometimes, I have never wanted to change professions. I have worked in various institutions and LTC and I do love Geriatric nursing. I love the patients and their families. It can be very challenging. I have cried many tears but I love what I do… :slight_smile:


Hi Paris15! well I have wanted to leave nursing at times after close to 40 years of nursing but just when I think that a cruse ship social director would be a good idea… nursing surprises me and finds a new path for me to go down. I have literally been around the world nursing and teaching nursing. Where else does one have so much diversity in work environment and challenge?
Glad you stayed and glad I have stayed… it make the world a better place. dua311


I so agree… Sounds like you have truly been blessed in your life and career… :smile:


Happy Nurses Week! I absolutely love being a Nurse. I have mostly worked LTC but now work in a Geri Psych unit
at a small hospital. I currently am sitting at home with an injured knee which occurred while at work. Can’t wait to get
better and get back to taking care of my patients!


Happy Nurses week! I have been an oncology nurse for 15 years. After sticking many people with many needles for different reasons, I have found the best way to get them over their fear of needles is to talk to them to distract them. Usually about their family or where they live. This works best during placements of IV’s.


I have been a nurse since 1984 and wouldn’t change a thing! I love it!


I have been an RN for a “gaboodle” number of years. It is a wonderful profession & ever changing. The first public health nursing position I had required us to sterilize our dressings and catheters in the home of the patient!! Very soon afterward the disposables became available for community use!! Was I glad. I congratulate all my fellow nurses. You are the heart of the health care professions. May your hearts be always open

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