A CPR Success Story


I would like to share a story with the community-I am an elementary school nurse. For many years, I have trained the staff using the CPR Heartsaver AED course in our school district,. In Feb of 2014, our elementary school secretary attended a basketball game at the local park & rec department when a 39 year old male collapsed on the court. Recognizing that he was unresponsive and in cardiac arrest, our secretary & a recently CPR trained paraprofessional, sprung into action. While the secretary was performing CPR, the para ran for the AED, Once she returned, they used the AED to shock the man 4 times while awaiting for the emergency responders to arrive.The quick action of these two NON MEDICAL people saved this man’s life, and kept a family- he has a 6 year old son-intact.(I would receive a call the next day from the EMT supervisor who commented on the professionalism and efficiency of both women). Such a positive outcome is rare with only 8-10 % of CPR recipients surviving. One of the women has become a volunteer speaker for the AHA. Personally, a story such as this makes teaching CPR more than worthwhile, and we hope to continue to pay it forward- Recently, we added the AHA friends & family CPR and AED training for the 5th graders throughout the school district—to date we have trained more than 2000 students as well as several additional staff members.Thank you for taking the time to read this story!


That is an amazing story! It’s great to see students are learning CPR as well. It’s great when non-medical people can come together with their training and save lives, bringing moms and dads, sons and daughters, back home to their families.

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