A Call out for Help - A Nurse in Need


Hi fellow nurses. This is my first time to encounter such a situation in my professional career. A fellow correctional nurse who contracted COVID-19 during a breakout at the facility is currently dealing with long haul symptoms that have lasted for months. Her husband has been faced with the same and neither have been able to work.

While unemployment and disability have both helped in the past, benefits have expired. They’ve borrowed from friends and family as well.

With two children and bills that are piling up, they are currently facing a mountain of challenges and about to lose their home in one week.

They’ve given so much to me in the past and I am returning their favor by helping them with promoting a GoFundMe campaign to help pay off their past due mortgage, other bills, and cover expenses while they continue to recover.

Please donate if you can by clicking here, even $5 would help, and share their campaign on social media, with fellow nurses, friends, and family. Thank you for your consideration!


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