9th World Congress on Nursing and Healthcare 2020



9th World Congress on Nursing and Healthcare which is going to be held in Philadelphia, USA for the period of 20th and 21st of February, 2020. This congress will be a result of an educational experience that coupled key pediatric health issues with expert speakers Professors who addressed these issues in their presentations on evolving clinical practice, new intervention strategies, and targeted observed questioning and research.

The main objectives of Nursing-2020 Congress is to educate every individual working in the field of Nursing and the development in health practice, organization, and education in relation to health disparities as well as the importance of other topics. From nursing-2020 one can learn new ideas in nursing practice, manipulate intelligence and work with new technologies and gain ideas from experts at the forepart of Healthcare and Medicine.

Pre-book your slot by submitting your abstract visit: https://scientificfederation.com/nursing-2020/index.php


Sounds like an awesome opportunity!

I was going to go, but instead chose get my CEUs online at nursingcecentral.com

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